Jewellery ERP Features:

  • Effective stock management using RFID to prevent frauds in the jewellery stock
  • Automatic payment reminder for credit customer (Udhari Customer) through SMS
  • Taxed bill and untaxed bills management for income tax purpose
  • Gold scheme promotion through automatic SMS
  • Customer Relationship Management (Automatic Birthday and anniversary wishes through SMS)
  • Barcode/ RFID Billing management System
  • Automatic and manual backup of database for security

Functional Modules:
Stocks (RFID Tags, Labels):

  • Product category wise RFID tag/ label for counter stock including tag printing options
  • Stock management for gold, silver, diamond (loose & jewellery), stone, pearl, as well as platinum jewellery
  • Purchase, sale and stock management of branded / MRP based items
  • Supports multiple stock units like gross wt, net wt., fine wt. as well as pieces
  • Manages stock in vault, counter, approval, sample; and stock lying with artisan / party
  • Physical stock verification option through RFID System
  • Supports diamond jewellery mfg process / job wise mfg process through artisans

Accounting VAT/TDS:

  • All transactions right up to balance sheet
  • Complete vat accounting
  • Complete TDS accounting including printing of TDS certificates & reports
  • Books of accounts include cash book, bank book, ledgers, sales /purchase registers, trial balance
  • P&I accounts and balance sheet
  • Complete artisan/ smith accounting viz. Outstanding in metal & cash, TDS & tracking of manufacturing activities
  • Rate fixing for metal outstanding
  • Complete accounts receivable module along with aging analysis & reminder letters

Customer Relationship management:

  • Customer data storage with complete details including referring customer
  • You can set reminders for birth date, anniversary dates of customers
  • Special search option to avoid duplication of customer data
  • Option to store photographs of customers
  • Facility to provide Invoice in customer friendly language (like Hindi) apart from English
  • Facility to print customer address labels and address book
  • Billing system


  • Retail Sales Invoice
  • Labour Bill
  • Sales against Approval
  • Retail Sales Returns
  • Estimate Printing
  • Wholesale Sales Invoice
  • Wholesale Sales Returns
  • Purchase Bill
  • URD / Old Ornaments Purchase Bills
  • Purchase against Approval
  • Retail Purchase Returns
  • Estimate Printing (Old Ornaments)
  • Wholesale Purchase Bill
  • Wholesale Purchase Returns
  • Wastage based metal accounting